Num What?

Let us explain...
NumZai is a simple, but tactically challenging game for all ages!

So if you can count to 4 and know all about right angles, just go ahead and start playing. NumZai can be played online with your friends where ever they might be, but also offline and face-to-face with the device right in between the both of you.

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How to play

a nice game of NumZai
NumZai is very easy to play

Playing NumZai is as easy as 1, 2, 3... and 4. Take a look here beneath and see for yourself that this is a game for all ages. Now let's play!

With every move
you may only deflect once with a right angle.
Try to capture
the value of your opponents stone by beating it.
Each of your own stones
can be sacrificed by ending its move on the NumZai-funnel.
The number on the stone
indicates the amount of fields it can be moved. This number varies from 1 to 4.
You’re not allowed
to jump over neither your own or your opponents stones.
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Aprendi creates interactive stories and serious games to use at home and at school.
Concept & design
Reklamebo is responsible for the concept and the design of the game.

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